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401k Non-Age Based Rollover Program

We all have parts of all of our lives which we consider off-limits. Every client’s portfolio has certain restrictions, or they used to. We’ve recently partnered with a nationally recognized organization responsible for pioneering a 401(k) rollover program, that will allow you to unlock any existing 401(k) regardless of age. 

  • Any existing 401(k) 
  • Any employer while the client maintains their position
  • Any Age
  • Transfer funds to an IRA with no penalties, where they can still contribute and meet the max amount that they’re entitled to
  • Complete the process in as little as 60 days
  • Must be married

There are even more exciting things on the horizon with this program, with an expansion into the public sector. No need to wait until retirement age, register for our 401(k) Rollover Program Webinar today.